Helping expats in France resolve their administrative issues

France is just as well known for its nightmarish administrative system as it is for its baguettes. And while the baguette is revered, and we will happily wait in line to get one hot from our favorite boulangerieA French bakery. Also, a great place to practice your French., any mention of l’administration françaiseThe French administration. Refers to any organization that 1) will ask you to fill out lots of seemingly meaningless paperwork, 2) either you owe or owes you money. sends a sane person running in the other direction. But wait in line we must, whether in the public or the private sector, on the phone or in person; the average person in France probably spends 25%* of his or her time dealing with some administrative problem or another.

At EMF we do more than just wait in line: we get results. We specialize in the tough cases, and we haven’t lost one yet. Though all cases are important to us, no matter the size. So whether you simply need the electricity turned on in a new apartment, or the Préfecture de PolicePrefecture of Police. This is where you go for visas, resident cards and to apply for French nationality. says they’ve lost the file on your visa application again, give us a call, we can help.

Learn more about our French administrative services, and read some of our case studies to get a better idea of what we do and how we can help you.

*We made that number up, but we’re sure it’s a lot.

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